SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation There are now billions of websites on the Internet. A mixture of good, bad and indifferent websites and we are likely to never see even a fraction of them. We are not alone in this respect.

It is a hard fact that Internet users (and thus your Customers) will mainly search for a given service or products using a search engine (with Google having a large share of this market) and will often only focus on the first 10-12 results that they find.


Some will only focus on the top 5 and that’s it.


If your site is not in one of these prime positions, then chances are it won’t get seen, regardless of how much money you have spent on flashy animation and photographs of your products.


The Art of Standing Out In The Crowd

Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO) is the practice of refining a website from the ground up, utilising the use of good coding, good page content and other online factors that make your website “search engine friendly”. This will give you the best possible opportunity of being in that critical top end of search engine results. 

There is no magic trick or underhand method involved – the search engines are too smart for that. Just a mixture of hard work and an understanding of what a search engine will look for when “ranking” a website in the search results.

When we enter into a project with a Customer, we will always build their website with search engine optimisation in mind, offering them advice on the best use of the phrases used to describe their given subject - “the keywords” – and on any other method that might improve their website's ranking. 

We are also delighted to provide a website “health check” where we will review an existing website (regardless of when built and by whom) and consult on appropriate methods to improve the search engine friendliness of the given website.


For further information on SEO (and how some firms operate) please review what Google has to say on the matter at


If you have questions or queries on anything regarding SEO or if you need advice on your existing website or ideas then please don’t hesitate to contact us.