Website Redesign

website re-designThe majority of UK companies have a website of some description.

Inevitably new technologies, standards, processes and trends come through and websites go out of date. Your customers are left looking at an out of date website that might be hard on the eye, difficult to navigate, and not be in line with your current corporate identity and practices.

Additionally, your position in search engines may have diminished making the site harder to find for new customers.

At Websimple we will look at your current website, and redesign or refurbish it to bring it in line with your current business and identity. We look to build upon what is currently in place to create a new look website that is both modern in look and usability with a view to re-establishing your position in the eyes of your online customer base.

Additionally, using current strategies, we will optimise the site to ensure it can be read and indexed by the leading search engines providing you with a potential source of new customers.

If you have questions or queries on anything regarding website re-design or if you need advice on your existing website or ideas then please don’t hesitate to contact us.